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At Johns Creek Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we firmly believe that restoring your health is not just about getting adjusted. We also believe that optimal health requires and strong spine. Pilates helps you re-educate your body to move with ease and efficiency and helps you find joy in exercise as well as everyday movement.

If you have never tried Pilates, we strongly recommend that you do. Adding Pilates to your chiropractic program may be the missing link that you have been searching for.

Restore Your Body, Center Your Mind

Johns Creek Pilates is a small, personal studio where the focus is on Pilates training and the wellbeing of individuals. We don’t believe in cookie cutter health and fitness but in the power of personalized attention in our private and duet sessions. Our goal is to restore your health and center your mind.

Brooke Fanning, Level III Certified Pilates Instructor

Johns Creek Pilates Instructor | Brooke Fanning

Brooke brings her Pilates mat and apparatus skills to Johns Creek Pilates. It was whilst working in a chiropractic office and seeing how the body could heal with the right support that Brooke first became interested in the power of Pilates and how this training goes hand in hand with these holistic principles and ideas.

After having children, Brooke turned to Pilates to restore her energy and interest in exercise and improve her core strength. Experiencing the mind, body, and spirit connection during those first few sessions, By practicing Pilates on a regular basis Brooke experienced amazing external and internal transformation and improvement.

What Are Clients Say...


Johns Creek Pilates has been an excellent experience for me – the staff is kind, honest, insightful, experienced and fun! When I started with them I was suffering with lower back issues and leg injuries from years of soccer – they were able to craft a routine to first help my back then later adjust it to support my return to fitness so I can play the sport I love. Thanks guys!

Alex Sanguinetti


I had so much fun doing Pilates with Brooke. She is very knowledgeable with the reformer and a great and patient teacher.

Kim E.

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